You still qualify for the first 3,000 sign-up special!!!

If you are viewing this then you still qualify for the first 3,000 sign-up special!!!

Well hello, and thank you for your interest in Green Purpose
Becoming a member to Green Purpose will benefit you and our community far beyond just having the ability to recycle. Green Purpose is committed to keeping all of your recycling and other waste out of landfills.

The Green Purpose Club Center will be used for recycling, re-purposing, reusing, and educating the community about alternative green solutions.
You may wonder why you should have to pay $5 a month for something that you had for free before? The answer is simple; by purchasing a membership, you are contributing to a solution for yourself and for your community.

The more members there are, the greater chance we will have at providing this community with the opportunity of having a sustainable center.
Instead of operating this center like a normal business, we thought it would be better to create a business that focuses on the well being of our surrounding communities as a whole; not just the City of Champaign. We will help our community by accepting materials that aren’t taken by traditional recycling centers. Instead of re-selling them, we will give them back to our members FOR FREE.

The first 3,000 people to pre-register for our membership will automatically  be upgraded from our basic membership to a premium membership, at no extra cost. What this means is you will receive all of the membership features of a premium member for just $5 a month!

Instructions for sign up:   Its very simple and takes less than 5 minutes
Either through Internet connection or by mail.

1) Go to our website:
2) scroll down until you see the green button that says “I support Green Purpose” and click
3) Fill out the form and click submit
4) Pay our low annual fee through one of the worlds most SECURE & TRUSTED payment sites.

1) Send all checks to:
807 Pioneer St
Champaign, IL  61820
2) With your check please include name, address, phone number, and email (if not printed on check)
3) Please include a $60 check payable to Green Purpose, LLC

You will be able to pick up your Green Purpose Club Card on your first visit to our site.

Thank you again for showing support for your community and taking responsibility for your recyclables.

Steven T. Rosenberg
Green Purpose, LLC


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The Importance of Reuseanomics

Lately the importance of recycling seems to have made a huge impact on the general public. It’s now uncommon for most public buildings not to have any kind of recycling receptacle;  more and more environmentally friendly “green” stores are springing up with a stock made from recycled goods; there are catchy recycling slogans on billboards all around Champaign Urbana. All this enthusiasm for the Green Movement is great – recycling is incredibly important, not only to reduce toxic emissions sent into the atmosphere, but also to spare our very valuable and very finite natural resources.

But what happens when you need to throw something away that  isn’t a recyclable material? If it’s not paper, glass, or a specific type of plastic or metal, your trash goes into a landfill. A home where it will stay for thousands of years, unused, yet still taking up space and money. 251 million tons of trash were thrown away in the US last year, compared to a paltry 82 million tons recycled (source). Add to this the fact that many cities offer no recycling program at all, such as Champaign. Recycling is important, but traditional recycling cannot be our best solution to improve the Earth’s health.

So what is? Well, I think we’ve found a pretty good answer. It’s called reuseanomics.

Reuseanomics is the concept of taking non-recyclable materials and transforming them in any way possible to extend their usable life and keep them out of landfills. This might amount simply to checking out a dumpster, finding a calculator in near perfect condition, and selling it on eBay. Or it could take a little more creativity, such as attaching a car seat to an office chair frame and creating the most comfortable office chair in the known universe. Seriously – I’m sitting in it right now.

Thinking reuseanomically, you don’t limit yourself to cardboard and plastic bottles. The possibilities are actually endless for what can be reused, and how it can be reused – not everything needs to be confined to its original purpose. Plus, reuseanomics is good for the wallet. Last month, I found a piece of equipment in a dumpster that sold for over $700. And buying gently used goods is always cheaper than buying something new.

Reuseanomics is the way forward. And when it takes on the same kind of enthusiasm that recycling has, then we’ll really be on our way to creating a completely sustainable world.

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