About Green Purpose

Green Purpose, LLC, is an eco-minded enterprise that provides communities with innovative solutions for reducing the amount of valuable resources wasted every day. We do this with a little thing we like to call reuseanomics: instead of leaving waste in landfills, we repurpose it, thereby extending its usable life, reducing trash in landfills, and providing a lower-cost alternative to other retail outlets.

Landfills are not only eyesores, they’re horrible for the environment, and they’re expensive. A typical landfill will cost about $20 million to build, plus millions to operate every year. And it’s us – the local taxpayers – who are paying for them. But it’s not just financial: we’re  paying with our valuable resources, too. Someday we’re going to be mining our landfills for everything that we’re wasting today.

At Green Purpose, we’re not going to wait around for that day. We’re thinking reuseanomically now and reusing items in a number of different ways.

Objects that don’t need much (if any) work are sold through our online store at http://www.reuseanomics.com and on other websites. Construction materials, such as wood and tile, are made into unique repurposed pieces of furniture. Clothing becomes a part of our new Eco-Fashion line. We also offer an affordable and time-saving junk haul service – click the links to find out more.

Our earth only has a finite amount of resources, and we believe it’s our job to utilize them as efficiently as possible.


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    Janie said,

    Will you be accepting polystyrene (PS, #7)? Not styrofoam, but hard plastic bottles. I work in a lab on campus, and we generate an awful lot of plastic waste. We do reuse it, but it’s too much to keep. I KNOW FOR A FACT that many, many labs on the UIUC campus would love to have a place to recycle these plastics. I am even willing to be the person in my lab to collect it and bring it to your facility (when it opens).

    Also, is it true that pyrex glass cannot be recycled? There’s a lot of that, too.

    Thanks for your reply!


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